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An exasperated man sits at a cluttered desk, surrounded by towering stacks of paperwork, as he furiously makes a content marketing strategy on a notepad.

WordPress as Your Marketing OS: The HOLTER Strategic Approach

Back in the early 90’s, when I was just starting out as a creative entrepreneur, content marketing strategy required trips to the library to...
monitor with spiral illusions, representing the problems of communication

The Key to Mastering Project Communications

“The single biggest problem in communicationis the illusion that it has taken place.”—George Bernard Shaw Why Communication Falters Shaw aptly noted that communication mishaps...
ship on the ocean, representing the support of site maintenance services

Strategic Support Has Your Back

No matter how simple a website may be, their amazing capabilities are made possible by platforms built on extensive codebases. With millions of lines...
Lego revolutionaries asking you to join the revolution of low code development platforms.

Join the Low Code / No Code Revolution

While studying illustration at Rhode Island School of Design in the late 1980s, long before low code development platforms, I came across a show...
Strength in Marketing, monopoly board

Strong Marketing Gives You Control

Maintaining a pipeline full of opportunities is essential for running a successful and profitable creative practice. The continual flow of work is vital to...
man contemplating in a field of harvest about how a good marketing strategy takes time, just like this field of wheat.

Transformational Marketing Takes Time

Farmers don’t till soil, plant seed, and fertilize their fields hoping that if they have enough luck they might get a crop. A harvest...

Hustle and Grind or Humble and Grow?

There are two distinct avenues you can follow in developing your creative practice. The most trafficked avenue is Hustle and Grind. But the more...

How to Build Marketing Discipline

An old friend of mine (I say old because it was a long time ago, and because he was old) once shared his exercise...

Marketing Your Creative Practice Starts with a List

Do you know what the biggest misconception is, among creatives, for marketing their own professional services? It’s confusing the kinds of marketing that they...

Stop Educating Your Clients on the Importance of Branding

Sometimes when venture capital investors listen to pitches from a founder a product really wows the investors. They clearly see the value of the...

Crafting the Perfect PinPoint Positioning Statement

When marketing your creative practice, your messaging must always be clear and to the point. That’s why PinPoint Positioning must be the foundation of...

How Social Media Fits into Your Marketing Plan

Of all the channels where you can and should engage in marketing your creative service, social media is the most debated. Your own professional...