for creative entrepreneurs

Calculators for Creative Entrepreneurs

Before you begin ramping up your marketing, you want to be sure that your services are fundamentally profitable. Use these calculators to assess the business side of your practice before adding fuel to grow through marketing.

Freelance Rate Calculator – What should you be charging for your services? This calculator help you take all of your expenses, your overhead, your profit margin, and your downtime into consideration when establishing your hourly rate. 

Creative Firm Hourly Margin Calculator – Once you establish an hourly rate, either for billing or estimating, after you factor in overhead and downtime, what is your effective hourly rate—the rate you actually earn per hour when all your hours (including overhead hours) are taken into consideration? This calculation compares what you are actually earning compared to what you might earn by working for someone else.

Freelance Suitability Survey – You might have the talent for it, but do you have the temperament and self-discipline needed to be a creative entrepreneur? This survey will help you evaluate whether or not your cut out to manage yourself as your own company.