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Coming Soon: Marketing Mastery for Creative Entrepreneurs!

About a year ago I ran a webinar class called Marketing Mastery for Creative Entrepreneurs for some of my LinkedIn followers. My intention was to turn that webinar into a digital course. I had hoped to have it ready last winter, but my own creative practice got so busy that I had to put my course creation on a slow simmer. But I’ve been plugging away 45 minutes a day for most of this year, and I’m finally approaching the finish line.

Marketing Mastery for Creative Entrepreneurs consists of ten sessions (over three and a half hours of video content) that lays out your strategy, tactics, mechanics, outreach methods, and follow-up techniques for a high powered and effective marketing program.

Ending the Struggle to Find Great Clients!

Creatives struggle to find new clients. You end up relying on fickle word of mouth and uncertain referrals. That’s all well and good, until the pipeline dries up, and you have no control over filling it back up.

I’ve provided the content in this class in many ways over the years, as a consultant, through my book and podcast, in my articles, and as a service. But I believe that this highly detailed, move-at-your-own-pace course will be the best, most affordable, and most effective delivery method for learning how to gain control over your marketing.

In this course I’ll teach you the critical strategy of PinPoint Positioning, the essential tactics of content strategy, and practical methods for reaching out to prospects, so you can finally control your marketing and start regularly finding great new clients. The materials also include sample documents, templates for building lists, and checklists to simplify the process of learning new tools and habits.

Work At Your Own Pace

It takes time to form new habits, and to perform all the prerequisites that are a part of an effective marketing strategy. Therefore, a digital course is a perfect way to enable you to work slowly, and to review details as you implement each part of your program, until you complete the process and transform your marketing for good.

Great Method and Perfectly Affordable

Marketing Mastery for Creative Entrepreneurs is a terrific value at only $200. I’ve provided consulting and training in these methods for engagements in the thousands of dollars. But this course will not only impart the information you need, but the detailed walkthroughs and demonstrations are an even better delivery method since you’ll have them to review anytime.

A Special Offer

If you’re one of my LinkedIn connections and you’d like to get early access at a discounted cost of $150, just reach out to me on LinkedIn with your email address, before September of 2021, and just mention this article. I’ll add you to a list of early adopters and send you a discount code when the course drops on my website early this Fall. If you’re not currently a LinkedIn connection just send me a connection request and mention this offer in your message, and I’ll add you to the list.

Until then, enjoy this first video in course, An Introduction to Marketing Mastery for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to take the struggle out of finding new clients?