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Episode 1: Introducing 5 Minutes on Creative Entrepreneurship

This audio guide helps you accelerate the mastery of business skills for your creative services practice. We discuss business concepts, systems, principles, and practices so you can maximize the time you have to create.

Episodes are organized around the five business themes of Money, Minutes, Marketing, Management, and Motivation.

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Professional creative services are businesses and require the same basic “blocking and tackling” management practices as any other business. It took me most of the first decade of my creative career not only to learn these practices, but what was even more challenging, to adapt to them.

I’m not going to claim that it’s easy for creatives to add business management to their palettes, but yes, it is possible. And it is necessary. You’re going to have to learn how to manage your money, control your time, market your services, and manage your employees—even if you’re the only one.

And this podcast can be your audio guide to help you accelerate the mastery of needed business skills. I’ll help you climb the mountain of business concepts, systems, principles, and practices so you can maximize the time you have to create.

In the coming weeks I’d be sharing concepts and solutions relating to the five business themes that structure these episodes: Money, Minutes, Marketing, Management, and Motivation.

Episodes on Money will discuss the nature of the creative services business model, and the economic advantages and liabilities this model entails. We’ll discuss how “cash flow” problems are actually profitability problems, and the unique ways that profitability problems are experienced by creative entrepreneurs.

Episodes about Minutes will cover topics like how to maximize productivity, how to plan your time most effectively, and what you can learn from the veritable gold mine of insight you can get from your timekeeping data—if you can be disciplined enough to keep them.

The Marketing segments will address the universal question of how to find new clients, or perhaps better clients than you have right now. We’ll talk about the difference between sales and marketing, the value of narrow positioning, along with implementation advice for prospecting and inbound and outbound marketing.

Now if you’re a solo practitioner, you might think that the Management segments don’t apply to you. But that would be a mistake. You see, when you are the only employee, you have to hold yourself accountable for every task and every role needed to manage a professional services practice. That makes management an even greater challenge for the freelancer, than it is for a multi-person firm.

Lastly the 5th M of our business themes, Motivation, will not be a rah rah cheer leading session. Instead we’ll get real—and discuss some of the debilitating and demotivating challenges of running a creative startup.

Well five minutes is already just about up, so that will have to be enough for our introductory episode. I want to keep these segments short so that you can listen regularly and frequently. As a podcast enthusiast myself I know it can be hard to keep up with all your shows—and time is always a limited resource.

So until next time: don’t let the business of creativity overwhelm your creative business.

Are you ready to take the struggle out of finding new clients?