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PinPoint Positioning Workshop

Our Marketing Mastery for Creative Entrepreneurs Course builds on the foundational principle of PinPoint Positioning. The course explains this key concept in detail, provides several examples of great positioning statements, and walks you through the process of formulating a a PinPoint Positioning statement for your creative practice. 

Getting your positioning right will determine the level effectiveness of everything else you do to after that to market your practice. So getting it right is of paramount importance. That’s why we offer our personal, consultative PinPoint Positioning Workshops for creatives who complete the course.  

PinPoint Positioning Workshop

$ 2,400
  • Two ninety minute one-on-one sessions with Eric Holter
  • Expert analysis and critique of your PinPoint Positioning
  • Guidance in crafting your final succinct statement
  • Guidance in testing your PinPoint Positioning using LikedIn search filters
  • Suggestions for next step implementations in your content strategy

Let’s Get Started!


PinPoint Positioning answers these three key questions about your creative practice…

  • WHAT YOU DO: Focus on one, or a few related services (horizontal positioning)

  • FOR WHOM YOU DO IT: Focus on one industry or problem (vertical positioning)

  • HOW IT BENEFITS THEM: Clearly articulate how your experience benefits your clients


  • Craft content that’s compelling to your audience
  • Find and connect with your prospects
  • Continually improve strategic insight and impact
  • Increase the value you offer and justify higher rates
  • Efficiently solve similar creative problems
  • Make sales a snap

PinPoint Positioning Resources

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