The Secret Identity of My Insidious Chief Competitor

I mentor creative entrepreneurs helping them to learn and apply business disciplines to their creative practices. I’m not the only person offering these kinds of services. But there is one competitor I have that is so much more dangerous to my success than any other. This competitor is sly, relentless, deceptive, and has an almost universal grip on my market.

His name is Static Do-Nothing Status Quo.

The reality is most creative entrepreneurs are far more likely to do nothing to solve their business problems than that are to hire me, or any one of my esteemed colleagues. It’s much easier to ignore difficulties, hoping they’ll just go away, than it is to roll up your sleeves and get to work on solutions.

Not only is the status quo a hard track to get off of, but when your sales pitch ultimately boils down to “you need to start being disciplined about more monotonous and uncreative tasks,” the alternative pitch from my competition—to take it easy, put your head down, and just keep creating—is hard to overcome.

But S.D. Status Quo is an evil liar. And he has all sorts of malicious strategies to keep his client base happy. He’ll tell you that being concerned about your finances will undermine your creative authenticity. He’ll distract you from the pesky truth that your bottom line is forecasting failure by dangling new “creative opportunities” in front of you. And when you can’t pay your bills he’ll make you feel like you’re just experiencing solidarity with the millions of starving artists who came before you—all of whom likewise listened to his lies.

Perhaps, for a moment, you start to wise up to these distractions, and make an effort to get your books in order, or to start a marketing campaign—and suddenly a dozen urgent matters surface that are more important to attend to.

After listening to these deceptions long enough you may become trapped as his client forever. The more you listen to his false claims, the bigger your business problems will become, and the greater the effort will be to fix them. Making his job of keeping you locked into his oppressive terms of service all that much easier.

This competitor is ruthless, but I aim to beat him. I want to help you to add needed business disciplines to your creative practice. Now if you decide to hire someone else to help, that would be fine by me, just don’t go with Status Quo—he’s the absolute worst!

Are you ready to take the struggle out of finding new clients?