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Webinars for Marketing and Managing Your Creative Practice

The Creative Entrepreneurs Guide to Marketing- for RISD Alumni Relations. Have you been stymied in marketing your creative practice? Have you tried blogging and social media, in fits and starts, with little to show? Marketing is not magic. But it does have principles that need to be followed for it to be effective. This webinar teaches you how to establish a marketing strategy for your creative practice that will reward, rather than waste, the time and effort you put into it.

Webinar: The Creative Entrepreneurs Guide to Money – for RISD Alumni Relations. Do you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends? Do projects continue well beyond their budgets? These problems can predicted by basic financial instruments. But when creatives neglect these business fundamentals, they just end up feeling stressed. This webinar will teach you how to “listen” to your money, so you can fix problems that plague you, and restore control and profitability to your practice.

Webinar: Managing Your Creative Practice Through a Crisis, April 9th 2020 for RISD Alumni Relations. Managing Your Creative Practice Through a Crisis will help you prepare for the economic and business impact of the COVID-19 response on your creative practice. Though there will be tough times ahead, there are some significant long-term benefits for your practice, if you manage these challenges well.