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Our Comprehensive Marketing Program Helps You Grow Without Losing Your Focus on Creativity.

12 Month Comprehensive Marketing Program for Creative Entrepreneurs

So many creative startups fail because their marketing did not keep pace with their growth. Marketing must be targeted and steady in order to expand your client base and account for the inevitable turn over of clients that comes with the normal ebbs and flows of business. That’s why Holter Marketing takes a comprehensive approach—structuring our marketing programs around your financial, staffing, and growth plans.

Goals & Strategy

Before we set off down the marketing trail, we establish benchmarks and goals, and most importantly—we help you define a narrow positioning statement.

Content Strategy

The essential gear for marketing a creative practice is content. We help you establish a content strategy and get everything ready for the climb.

MONTHS #3-6:
Campaign Implementation

We fully implement your campaign, producing content and pushing it out through the channels identified in the first two strategy setting months.

MONTHS #7-9:
Training and Transfer

Making sure that you are adept at the skills and tactics of your new marketing program is key to it’s long-term success.

MONTHS #10-12:
Coaching and Refining

Staying on strategy, and maintaining your new habits will ensure that your investment and efforts transform your business growth into the future.

Resources for the Business Side of Creativity

While marketing is the primary driver of growth, it’s not always a driver of profitability. That’s why Holter Marketing takes a comprehensive approach to marketing—ensuring that the new business opportunities we deliver translate into profitable engagements. These resources on the business side of creativity will improve how you manage your entire business—leading to an enjoyable, sustainable, and profitable practice.

Blazing the Freelance Trail

The essential trail guide for the path of creative entrepreneurship. Freelancing as a designer, artist, writer, or any other creative business is just that, a business. Don't get lost in the woods. Take this trail map with you as you navigate your freelance journey.

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