Take the Struggle Out of Finding Great Clients

Put an End to the Hustle and Grind, and Replace Feast or Famine Cycles with Control Over Your Marketing.

This online, move at your own pace, video course will teach you the critical principles for marketing a creative practice. It will walk you through all the foundational strategic aspects of marketing, and help you prepare for a long term, sustainable, and effective marketing program.

Over 3½ Hours of Video Instruction

Videos cover key concepts, and provide detailed walkthrough of platforms and techniques.

PinPoint Positioning

Reveals the essential and foundational principle for effective marketing of a creative service practice.

Content Strategy

Teaches you to establish a long-term, sustainable, and effective content strategy that gets easier and more effective over time.

Optimize Profiles and Platforms

Shows you how to set up and optimize digital platforms including LinkedIn, websites, and social media profiles.

How to Build A Prospect List

Provides you with templates, processes, and training on building, maintaining, and using a prospect list.

Outreach Channels

Learn how to engage with prospects in key channels using LinkedIn, email, and other modes of outreach.

Watch the Introductory Session

After the Course

Marketing Mastery for Creative Entrepreneurs provides all the education you need, the blueprints, the techniques, and the resources for finally establishing a sustainable and effective marketing program that will put you in control of your marketing and end the hustle and grind. But no course can anticipate every question, or speak to the specific circumstances of every creative practice. That’s why HOLTER Marketing offers a la carte follow up through single issue consulting, or individual PinPoint Positioning workshops

Follow up advice and PinPoint Positioning workshops are provided by Eric Holter, a 30 year veteran in creative entrepreneurship. Eric began his career as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, worked in the advertising industry, began his first website company in 1995 and sold it to a key employee in 2013. After consulting other creative entrepreneur from 2014 to 2016 he became CEO of one of his clients, Cuberis.com, which he purchased in 2020. Today Eric runs Cuberis, a specialized website development firm for museums, and shares his experience in creative entrepreneurship through HOLTER Marketing.  

“The day Eric took me on as an intern was one of the most important and memorable of my life. That began a 13-year professional relationship. I started as the greenest of greens and ended as a confident, competent, eager, and hopeful business owner. Eric taught me through his wonderful, calm, consistent, and persistent example—giving me enough rope to learn from my mistakes. He’s an exceptional mentor and incredibly generous and caring in his approach to helping others elevate their game.”
The barrier to entry into this world of creative entrepreneurship is so low that lot of people struggle with the business side of success. It’s such a relief to see a solid source of insight from someone who has walked that path and learned what works and what doesn’t.”

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