Strategic WordPress Partnerships for Marketing Professionals
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About HOLTER Strategic

HOLTER Strategic was founded by Eric Holter, a 30 year veteran in creative entrepreneurship. Eric graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1991. He began his career as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, worked for award winning advertising agencies Pagano, Schenck, & Kay, and Leonard/Monahan before beginning his first website company, Newfangled, in 1995.

Unlike low-cost outsourced vendors, Eric combines his deep understanding of the creative services and marketing industries with his deep experience in website strategy and marketing by providing essential strategic consulting into his partnerships with advertising agencies, design studios, and marketing firms.     

For many creative and marketing professionals entering into a website proposal is a delicate and potentially dangerous engagement. Websites are a central part of every client’s marketing and brand strategy. But many creatives lack the depth of technical knowledge, or awareness of the development process to confidently answer a client’s questions—especially when their “IT Guy” is a part of the client team. That’s why  our pre-project and new business level consulting is just as important to us as the actual development and support of the website.    

Eric is also the author of Blazing the Freelance Trail. A professional manual for starting a career in creative entrepreneurship on the right path. 

Why do some charge $1,000 for WordPress development and others $100,000? Everything about WordPress pricing is explained in our eBook “Why Pay Less?”