Strategic WordPress Partnerships for Marketing Professionals
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WordPress as a Complete Marketing Operating System

The vast resources of today’s digital marketing ecosystem provides so many options and opportunities—that simply evaluating, choosing, and learning to use the right tools is so confusing and time consuming that our marketing efforts never get off the ground.

That’s why we designed the HOLTER Strategic WordPress framework to provide not just a web presence, but all the essential tools you need to execute a marketing campaigns. Because WordPress is the most popular, and most used CMS on the market, and because it’s on open source platform, there are so many third party tools and plugins available that you can make transform a WordPress site into a complete marketing operating system.  

Unified and Integrated WordPress Marketing System

For example, instead of having a third party Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) like Salesforce or Hubspot, we install Fluent CRM and now your website is also your CRM. What’s more, Fluent also offers automated email marketing tools. So you can chuck your Constant Contact or Mailchimp account and build your lists and campaigns right in WordPress. 

We also install and configure Uncanny Automator which removes the chore of posting to social media by automatically publishing using your WordPress posts.

And once your content marketing strategy is in full swing, it’s always a good idea to take a glance at your website’s analytics. But rather than logging into Google Analytics we create custom WordPress dashboards that give you the essential views of your traffic and visited pages. 

With all these tools in place, marketing your creative service becomes so much easier and more valuable.

Coordination and Configuration

But there is one other potential barrier to keeping your content marketing strategy system going. While the systems themselves, once installed and configured are easy to use, sometimes there are pretty low level technical setup procedures that can be complicated and confusing. Setting up an SMTP service for Fluent, configuring DNS for email validation (DKIM, SPF records), making sure your website server itself has SMTP configurations set properly for email form delivery, configuring automations, installing Google Analytics, or Tag manager scripts, and learning the ins and outs of your marketing tools, could easily hamper your efforts.

That’s where HOLTER Strategic support has your back. We don’t just support your website, we support all the marketing tools as well. We’ll configure your DNS, install SMTP services, and make sure all the other acronym rich configurations are set up properly—so you can focus on your core marketing tasks and get back to your primary creative work. And if you need help along the way we’re on call to jump in and help out if you get stuck, or need a review. 

There are some aspects of marketing that will never be easy. But in so many other ways it’s easier than ever. And with HOLTER Strategic’s help you have everything you need to launch.

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