Strategic WordPress Partnerships for Marketing Professionals
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Strategic Support Has Your Back

No matter how simple a website may be, their amazing capabilities are made possible by platforms built on extensive codebases. With millions of lines of code in browsers like Chrome and the vast codebases of platforms such as WordPress, databases, web server software, and numerous plugins, websites are intricate systems. Despite the underlying complexity, websites generally remain stable and dependable. But to stay that way they do require regular site maintenance services, updates, and ongoing support.

Support is an Essential Component

While a website’s external elements can be evaluated, such as its design, content, and appearance, the level of service and support happening behind the scenes remains unseen. When engaging with potential clients, discussions often revolve around project specifics, prototyping approaches, and alignment with flexible frameworks and low code/no code development. However, it is crucial to allocate time to discuss long-term support and service models.

The Real Work Begins After Launch

Planning for a website redesign involves significant contemplation, but the focus often lies solely on the project itself. However, once the site is launched, the real work commences. Even the most well-designed site will require ongoing management and support. Without reliable support, the hard work invested in the project may go to waste.

Levels of Website Site Maintenance Services

Basic WordPress support involves keeping plugins and the WordPress core updated. Regular updates ensure security and improve performance over time. Professionally supported platforms and plugins may occasionally be released with bugs or conflicts, making it safer to have a professional developer handle updates. Proactive maintenance involves performing updates on a staging or local version before updating the production site to identify and resolve conflicts.

Supporting a website involves not just the technology running the site but also the hosting environment. As websites grow, hosting configurations may need adjustments to accommodate backups, content libraries, and traffic spikes. Developers may need to interface with hosting providers to ensure ongoing security and optimal performance. WP Engine is our recommended hosting provider due to its specialized WordPress support beyond server maintenance.

HOLTER Strategic provides video documentation of each site’s customizations, serving as a valuable resource for new staff members responsible for site maintenance. However, real-time ongoing support is available to address clients’ immediate needs. The flexibility of our framework allows for quick additions of elements or features to facilitate site content maintenance as needs evolve.

New Development

Sometimes websites require major upgrades over time. Our flexible framework simplifies expanding site capabilities, avoiding the need to live with static sites for years or rebuild from scratch.

Strategic Advice

In addition to general support, specialized strategic advice plays a vital role. Clients often seek new features, and an experienced partner can provide valuable insights and guidance, considering alternative approaches or easier solutions that align with clients’ goals and budget.

Support is a critical element for the long-term success of a website. HOLTER Strategic places equal importance on support, design, and development to ensure the continued operation and growth of our client’s websites.

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