Strategic WordPress Partnerships for Marketing Professionals
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Strategic WordPress Partnerships

Strategy comes first. It’s at the beginning of a website project that creative and marketing professionals need critical input—often before a project is fully defined, a presentation made, or a proposal is even written. 

HOLTER Strategic provides free early advisory consultations with our partners so that they are ready to make complete and effective presentations, and are prepared to answer all their client’s questions.

What’s more, we’ll sit in on virtual presentations to answer any unexpected or technically complex questions a client might have. 

Questions Clients Ask...

Projects vary of course, but we layout out all the factors and provide as many price ranges as possible on our pricing page

As with cost, project schedules vary. We usually say three to four months for basic projects and five to seven for advanced projects. That said, the most impactful factor in a website's production schedule is the timeliness and intervals between milestone presentations and a client's feedback, and the second biggest factor is content creation and production. We have completed projects in much shorter time periods when clients are highly responsive and available, and much longer when large teams require many weeks to schedule and respond to meetings.  

HOLTER Strategic has a unique development process called grayscreen prototyping. Rather than using written technical specifications, sitemaps, or wireframes, we build visually generic, browser-based, fully-functional website prototypes to thoroughly express the content, structure, and functionality of the website in development. Read "The Key to Mastering Project Communications" for more information including a video sample of a grayscreen prototype.  

Okay, clients don't ask this, but we always answer it anyway because it is so important to how we build and how we deliver extremely flexible and dynamic websites, ready for growth and change from day one. Read more about the Low Code / No Code revolution

Yes! All pages are built for easy client administration. We provide training, video resources, and support to ensure our client are adept at making all content changes on the website. 

Clients are free to host with whichever provider they prefer. Our default recommendation is WP Engine. Their extra level of support covers some operations of the WordPress site itself (whereas other providers limit support to their server and and network only, site related issues are left to you and your developer).  

All our site come with Yoast S.E.O. installed and enable content editors to provide custom meta titles and descriptions. Yoast Professional can be purchased for $99 per year for more advanced S.E.O. efforts such as internal link building, and other S.E.O. customizations. Read Using Yoast SEO for Search Engine Performance for details.

This is a common claim, but it is flawed. It's true that WordPress is the most popular CMS and it has been around since 2003. It's also true that their open source approach to plugin development means virtually anyone can offer a plugin. Being such a popular and open platform is one of the best features of WordPress and as a consequence they are the biggest target for bad actors. However, when WordPress is regularly updated, and when professionally supported plugins are utilized, it is just as secure as any other software. Add some additional security plugins like Wordfence, and enable two factor login and WordPress is extremely secure.     

Post launch support is extremely important to the effective long term use of the site. HOLTER Strategic provides both proactive maintenance for our sites, as well as à la carte requested support as needed. See our support details for more information.

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