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Backstory to the Low-Code/No-Code Revolution
We’re kicking off our new series on the Low-Code/No-Code Revolution, which is completely changing the way websites are built. In order to appreciate the force of this revolution, we’re going to review the past ages of website development. I mentioned in the introduction that I’ve been designing and developing websites since 1995. So I’ve had […]
Welcome to the Revolution!
Welcome to this new series called Join the Low-Code/No-Code Revolution! In my Answering the RFP series I address common questions contained in most website RFPs, and you may have heard me mention Low-Code/No-Code development in some of those videos. In this series I’m going to share the story of how Low-Code development is completely changing […]
The Critical Unasked Question: Support
Welcome back to Answering the RFP where we help our agency partners provide clear answers during the website sales process. Because clear answers build trust, and trust wins clients. There are many questions that come up in the website sales process, but sometimes it’s the questions not asked that need to be answered. And questions […]
Is WordPress Insecure?
Since HOLTER Strategic specializes in WordPress development, one of the concerns I hear in the RFP process is about WordPress security. There is a general critique out there that WordPress is more vulnerable to hackers than other platforms. But if this were true would companies like Disney, Mercedes-Benz, and Microsoft rely on it? The short […]
Do You Know Where Your DNS Is?
Welcome back to Answering the RFP, where, even though RFPs are evil, we make the most of these opportunities by enabling our agency partners to provide clear answers that build trust with prospects and help them win clients.  When you’re engaged in a website sales process the focus of the conversation is on getting the […]
Why So Expensive? Why So Cheap?
From an outsider’s perspective it’s really hard to know why some things that look very similar from the outside can have such wide price differences.
Critical Issues in Choosing a Web Hosting Provider
It’s critical to distinguish between two facets of any hosting package, namely the actual server resources offered (disk space, bandwidth, processor speed, and so forth), and the support structure around that environment.
Does Page Speed Really Matter for S.E.O.?
In the last video I began answering questions about Search Engine Optimization, describing  some best practices and acknowledging some true limitations that clients need to know—even if it’s not what they want to hear.  One additional question that often gets asked around the topic of S.E.O. is website speed. I didn’t address this question last […]
The Truth About S.E.O.
In just about every website sales process prospective clients have questions about search engine optimization. On the one hand the answers to these questions are quite simple, and I’ll get to those in a minute. But on the other hand, with respect to the client’s expectations about SEO, the answers are more complex. But addressing […]
Accessibility Costs Considered
If there is one aspect of website project pricing that’s most overlooked, it has to be accessibility. How usable a website is to the blind or vision impaired is not something you would notice unless you need it. Normal use of a website doesn’t reveal how a site is interpreted by screen readers, or how […]
Not All Content is Created Equal
Because there is so much variation to any page’s content density and complexity, evaluating this aspect of a potential project is essential to determine its cost.
How Much Will This Website Cost?
If answering questions is a trust building opportunity, answering the biggest question is the greatest opportunity of them all.
ship on the ocean, representing the support of site maintenance services
After a site is launched, the real work starts. Without reliable support, the hard work invested in the project may go to waste.

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