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Full Orbed Support

Any website can be evaluated externally. You can critique its information design, read its content, and enjoy its appearance. What can’t be seen from the outside is the level of service and support going on behind the scenes

No matter how well designed a site may be, from time to time you’re going to need help managing it.

Support is the Invisible Ingredient of a Successful Website

Our support goes well beyond the basics of updating WordPress and all the plugins. We have your back for any support needs that orbit your website and its use in your marketing strategy.

Need help configuring your DNS? Need someone to interface with your hosting provider to troubleshoot issues? Want advice on CRM and marketing platform implementation?

Realtime, Personal, Support

So many service providers offload their support to chat-based, outsourced technicians. We view support as an essential part of our relationship to our clients. We regularly set up quick 15 minute Zoom calls to help our clients out face-to-face.

No Long Term Contracts or Bloated Retainers

The only requirement for our ongoing support is to be signed up for our monthly proactive maintenance plan ($120 per month under which we perform your plugin updates). These are month to month agreements which you can end anytime.

While you’re on that plan, you can reach out to us for any other issues you may need help with. We bill this support time at normal rates in 15 minute increments (see details below). So you only pay for what you need. 

Support Terms of Service

($120 per month, plus $60 per month for any additional sites under the same account). Direct Proactive maintenance is performed directly to your production website. A backup will be made, then the plugins and WordPress core will be updated and the site reviewed. In the event of a plugin or theme conflict we will revert to the backup. Clients that retain us for proactive maintenance also gain access to additional support services.

Clients that opt into the proactive maintenance plan also gain support for their routine requested maintenance needs.

Our Support team will respond directly to you as they perform your requests as efficiently as possible. (Note: all support team time, including time spent estimating, or responding to general questions, are measured and billed to your account.)

Minor support requests are often performed within one business day (Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST, and Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm EST.

We do not directly provide hosting services. However, our support team is always available to help with hosting related questions or issues. We generally recommend WP Engine, though you are free to use any hosting platform you're comfortable with. We recommend that you keep your web hosting account provider’s contact information readily available in case you need emergency help outside our normal business hours.

Opting into our proactive maintenance plan authorizes us to perform your monthly proactive maintenance. It authorizes us to respond to your requested maintenance requests without seeking approval for, or providing estimates for, each individual request. If any request may exceed three hours of work we will alert you of the time estimate before commencing. This balanced policy makes routine support requests both efficient and affordable.

Invoices are sent out at the end of each quarter, or after ten hours of work have been completed, whichever comes first. Our goal is to never send you an invoice for much more than ten hours of work, unless you’ve knowingly approved a batch of maintenance that went over that amount. Feel free to contact for an up-to-date account balance at any time.

Proactive agreements are month-by-month, and you can opt out at any time after paying for any accumulated work. If you decide to opt out of proactive maintenance, we’ll put your account in “inactive status.” Inactive clients can reactivate their account in order to engage us to perform future maintenance requests. However, inactive clients will require a site audit before we reactivate your account and perform any requested work. An audit may take up three or four hours, depending on the complexity of your site, and on how out of date the CMS and plugin updates have become.

Requested Maintenance $140 per hour. Billed in 15 minute increments.
Mini Projects $160 per hour. Major projects are fee based, therefore the rate is built into quoted fees. Mini projects (see below) are billed at the project rate in 15 minute increments.
System Administration: $200 per hour. (System administration is rarely, if ever needed, as most such issues are handled by your hosting provider. But in the event that such expertise is needed our system administrations services are billed in 30 minute increments.

Your site is built on a framework that is readily extendable. Over time you may want to implement new functionality or add entirely new sections to your site. We engage these kinds of upgrade requests as “mini projects.” Mini projects are estimated statements of work. They usually involve multiple team members for design mockups, and development.

Mini projects typically start around the 10 hour threshold, tasks under this scope are handled as requested support. 

Support requests can be submitted using our support form, or as easily as emailing

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