Strategic WordPress Partnerships for Marketing Professionals
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Author: Eric Holter

Welcome to the Revolution!

Welcome to this new series called Join the Low-Code/No-Code Revolution! In my Answering the RFP series I address common questions contained in most website RFPs,

Is WordPress Insecure?

Since HOLTER Strategic specializes in WordPress development, one of the concerns I hear in the RFP process is about WordPress security. There is a general

Do You Know Where Your DNS Is?

Welcome back to Answering the RFP, where, even though RFPs are evil, we make the most of these opportunities by enabling our agency partners to

Why So Expensive? Why So Cheap?

From an outsider’s perspective it’s really hard to know why some things that look very similar from the outside can have such wide price differences.

Critical Issues in Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

It’s critical to distinguish between two facets of any hosting package, namely the actual server resources offered (disk space, bandwidth, processor speed, and so forth), and the support structure around that environment.

The Truth About S.E.O.

In just about every website sales process prospective clients have questions about search engine optimization. On the one hand the answers to these questions are

Accessibility Costs Considered

If there is one aspect of website project pricing that’s most overlooked, it has to be accessibility. How usable a website is to the blind

Why do some charge $1,000 for WordPress development and others $100,000? Everything about WordPress pricing is explained in our eBook “Why Pay Less?”