Specialized Website Strategy and Support for Creative Entrepreneurs

Author: Eric Holter

monitor with spiral illusions, representing the problems of communication

Conquering The Illusion of Communication

George Bernard Shaw once said that, “the single biggest problem in communicationis the illusion that it has taken place.” Developing a Website is complex, multifaceted,

ship on the ocean, representing the support of site maintenance services

Strategic Support Has Your Back

No matter how simple a website may be, their amazing capabilities are made possible by platforms built on extensive codebases. With millions of lines of

Lego revolutionaries asking you to join the revolution of low code development platforms.

Join the Low Code / No Code Revolution

As technology matures, the burden of custom code increasingly shifts away from the end consumer. In the early days of the Internet, nearly every website was essentially a piece of custom software. Today, platforms like WordPress rely on vast code bases, but the costs of developing and maintaining that code have shifted from the customer to platform developers. The overhead cost of custom code is approaching near-zero as it transfers from the customer to product developers…

Strength in Marketing, monopoly board

Strong Marketing Gives You Control

Maintaining a pipeline full of opportunities is essential for running a successful and profitable creative practice. The continual flow of work is vital to your

Marketing Demands Organization

Effective marketing necessitates organization, which in turn requires the implementation of systems and processes. It’s often noted that the creative mindset may not align with