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Case Study: Freshmade – Next-Level Positioning

Pinpoint Positioning is fundamental to effective marketing, especially for creative entrepreneurs. When a creative firm identifies a specific market and tailors its services to meet its unique needs, it harnesses the power of positioning to discover new business opportunities.

One of my favorite examples of a well-positioned firm is Freshmade.

Freshmade: A Clinic in Positioning

Freshmade is a prime example of ideal positioning. They focus on the consumer product goods (CPG) industry, specializing in branding and design for CPG food brands. Their homepage succinctly states, “Branding and design for CPG food brands,” followed by a more detailed statement, “We design visual identities and packaging systems that help CPG food brands sell better.”

Freshmade’s positioning illustrates the two dimensions of positioning: vertical and horizontal. Vertically, they concentrate on CPG food brands. Horizontally, they offer specific services, such as visual identity and packaging system design, demonstrating their deep niche understanding.

Website Design and Simplicity

The simplicity of Freshmade’s website highlights the strength of narrow positioning. A straightforward site with essential information and clear positioning can be more impactful than a generalist site that tries to address every need. By saying less, Freshmade makes a more significant impact.

Their “Work” page showcases about a dozen relevant examples, demonstrating their experience without overwhelming visitors. This selective showcasing reinforces their specialized market position. The staff page, featuring roles like “food stylist,” further emphasizes their positioning. A simple grid of company logos validates their industry-specific focus.

A Bold Content Strategy: A Separately Branded Blog

Freshmade’s content strategy includes a separately branded mini-magazine-style blog called “Insights and Appetites.” Tailored to the CPG food branding industry, it serves as a platform for sharing industry insights and establishing Vanessa Doll, Partner and New Business Director, as a thought leader.

Vanessa explained that “Insights and Appetites” focuses on content deeply relevant to its audience without directly referencing Freshmade’s work. It covers the latest trends, industry news, case studies, and expert opinions. Vanessa noted that writing the blog sharpens her insights and continually enhances her expertise. Over time, she has used the blog to address common client concerns, further establishing her expertise.

The blog makes no reference to Freshmade, except in Vanessa’s bio, which lists her role and links to their website. This approach positions Vanessa as a CPG marketing expert. Prospects from this channel view Freshmade as an authority.

Vanessa observed that the same content on the agency blog carried less authority due to the apparent self-interested context. However, on “Insights and Appetites,” the content stands independently, benefiting both the author and the reader. Prospects coming through this channel are already convinced of Freshmade’s expertise.

The Power of Focused Positioning

Freshmade’s strategy exemplifies the power of focused positioning. Their approach in website design, portfolio curation, staff specialization, and content strategy effectively communicates their expertise and targets the CPG market.

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