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How to Sustain Your Content Strategy

Every creative’s website needs to describe their services and showcase a portfolio. However, taking your marketing to the next level requires a sustained content strategy that further articulates the patterns and solutions you offer in your specific area of focus. Ideally, you should aim to publish one or two blog posts per month.

You may find that you haven’t been producing this type of content consistently, or your blogging history follows a common pattern among creative professionals. It often starts with writing a couple of posts per month, then decreases to one post, every other month, and eventually one per quarter, or even less. If this reflects your content history, you might think that writing two thoughtful posts per month would be impossible to maintain.

The Reason Content Strategies Fail

However, there is a reason why blogging frequency tends to drop off. It’s a symptom of a lack of focus. Not only is it challenging to consistently generate ideas for general content, but it’s also ineffective. Most designers’ blogs consist of posts that are more relevant to their peers than to their potential clients. The effort required to maintain a content strategy, combined with its limited impact, often discourages creative professionals.

Yet, when you have a clear focus that revolves around a specific set of deliverables targeted at a particular type of client, articulating insights becomes much easier compared to blogging as a generalist. You see, insights expand in direct proportion to the narrowness of your focus. The more focused you are, the more expansive your insights become. When a prospect discovers this content and immediately recognizes its relevance—validating your suitability, even indispensability—for their needs, that content becomes a powerful marketing and sales asset.

A Content Strategy for All Seasons

Sustaining insights and promoting this content among your prospects adds another valuable attribute to your content marketing strategy: timeliness. You can reach the perfect prospect with a perfect pitch that matches their exact needs, but if your timing is off, you may not see the desired return. However, when you can maintain a content strategy and consistently present valuable insights to potential clients, it’s only a matter of time before your efforts pay off

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